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Julio Reyes and Amy Mueller met over five years ago while working at a water agency. Julio is an operator supervisor, and Amy, a regulatory supervisor. They found their individual strengths complemented each other’s in surprising, and what turned out to be inseparable, ways. Julio and Amy have are passionate about helping people: water system personnel and the customers they serve. This desire evolved into abSolution Water, effectively combining their expertise and respective strengths. Together, they are confident their assistance will benefit water systems, keeping drinking water safe and reliable.


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treatment and distribution operator expert

Julio Reyes

Julio has over 20 years experience in the drinking water industry, with 17 of them serving in leadership positions. His background includes working with retail, wholesale,large and small water systems. These systems have had a variety of sources, some groundwater and some surface water. Julio has experience with direct and conventional surface water treatment, chloramination and ozonation. In addition, he has experience overseeing the operations of a large distribution system in one of California's most populous counties.

He is certified by the CA State Water Resources Control Board as a T5 Treatment Operator and as a D5 Distribution Operator. Also, Julio sat on the State Water Resources Control Board's T5 interview panel.

Julio is also knowledgeable and experienced working with chlorine gas and is certified as a Level A entry team first responder. 

Lastly, Julio serves as a committee member, and is the past Chair, of an educational group in Southern California focusing on operator continuing education. For the past 15 years, he has provided countless hours of training to operators and other drinking water professionals.



• State of California, Treatment Operator Grade 5
•State of California, Distribution Operator Grade 5
• Level A HazWhopper Certified




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drinking water regulatory expert

Amy Mueller (Maday)

Amy focuses on the various facets of drinking water involving water quality and regulations. She began working in the water field in 2005 when she was a graduate student at San Diego State collecting water quality data for the development of the Santa Margarita River TMDLs. She took an environmental water consulting position when she graduated with her masters in Environmental Engineering. She began working  in the drinking water field in 2006 as an Environmental Engineer for the Washington Department of Health. There, she co-managed the coliform group, inspected public water systems, provided technical assistance, trained certified operators, aided water utilities in emergencies and offered workshops on risk communication.

In 2007, Amy moved back to her home State and took an engineering position with the then California Department of Public Health (Santa Barbara District) where she obtained her Professional Engineer's License in Civil Engineering.  At the now Division of Drinking Water, Amy provided assistance to public water systems in the Tri-County area. For five years, she conducted Sanitary Surveys of public water systems, reviewed operations and procedures, prepared reports, letters and water system permits and reviewed Consumer Confidence Reports. In addition, Amy made and checked engineering calculations and design drawings, gave operational assistance on water quality issues, conducted enforcement activities, and interpreted water law and compliance. Amy was responsible for helping water systems stay in compliance with CA Title 22 Requirements and EPA regulations.  Lastly, she conducted many trainings for operators and other water system professionals.

Currently, Amy works for a large drinking water utility as a regulatory and water quality supervisor. Her main focus is ensuring the agency stays in compliance with State Board regulations for drinking water and wastewater permits. She manages the water quality program, oversees a ELAP certified laboratory and works to manage water quality of a drinking water reservoir. 



University of California, San Diego
Bachelor of Science

San Diego State University
Masters of Environmental Engineering




• State of California, Professional Civil Engineer
• AWWA Laboratory Grade 1 Analyst