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Headquartered in Thousand Oaks, abSolution Water strives to meet water professional's goals. Our company specializes in drinking water training and consulting. Whether it is helping a distribution operator pass an exam to further his/her career or preparing a monthly compliance report, we have extensive experience and will customize our support to your individual needs.

Our passion is water. We can't stress enough the importance of the work we all do as drinking water professionals to ensure the water we serve is safe and reliable.  We’re on the pulse of water quality regulations and treatment technology with knowledge spanning over a decade. Understanding what regulators are looking for, we can successfully guide you along the course you wish to pursue. abSolution Water is confident we can give you exceptional advice and skills lasting for years to come.





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Areas of Expertise

surface water treatment

The world of water treatment is ever changing, and as technology changes, so does the way you do business. Surface water treatment is complex, let us help you simplify. Trying to become certified as a treatment operator or pass that next treatment exam? Let us guide you through the materials and the process.

Water Quality

 Today, there are over 200 regulated constituents for drinking water. Tracking them can be difficult, tedious and time consuming. Have a result that seems odd, or worse, over the maximum contaminant level? We can point you in the direction you need to go.

ground water treatment

With the climate change and drought upon us, the groundwater below is significantly affected. Groundwater quality changes and this can affect how you run your well.  Do you need new strategies for groundwater treatment or chemical doses?  Let us work with you on your next steps.

Drinking water regulations

It takes a special kind of person to revel in the joy of demystifying water law. The rules governing water water systems ensuring they serve safe potable drinking water can be open for interpretation. We are here to help you through deciphering your way.

Distribution systems

Distribution operations can always be fine tuned. There can be creative ways to move water, minimizing detention times, dealing with formation of disinfection by products or reducing precursors to nitrification.  Wanting to move up in your distribution operator certification? Let us help you get there.

reporting, permitting & compliance

Drinking water rules and regulations are fluid and it's not easy to keep up with the newest emerging contaminant or the latest requirements for water quality reporting. Need help with your Consumer Confidence or Annual Report, obtaining a drinking water permit or permitting a new source? We can help.


Water is the driving force of all nature.
— Leonardo de Vinci


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